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About Us

Keith Milligan


Hi, I’m Keith Milligan.

RV’s have always been a part of my life and a true passion.
My parents had Mitchell campers. My father and uncle both chose to become mechanics and to build and restore campers (often from scratch). As a boy, I couldn’t wait to follow along and learn as much from them as I could. My 1 st RV was a 32 Foot 5 th wheel I pulled from an empty field.

As my paychecks allowed, I Repaired and restored it in every way. I have owned, operated, remodeled, maintained and upgraded; slide-ins, 5 th wheels and class C motor homes. I have owned and managed a successful IT company for 14 years. Customer service (the “white glove” treatment) has always been the most important thing to me.

After I purchased mycurrent RV, I realized that great customer service was missing from the RV industry. My knowledge and expertise with RV’s, in construction and in the IT field, have given me the ability to create a business where I can complete repairs and upgrades with the greatest ability while still providing excellent customer service. I want to do work that I truly love. I desire to upgrade my own RV and want to share this desire with friends, family and now you!

I chose to become certified so I can be knowledgeable in the most up-to-date service methods and options. I understand that RV’s are often a permanent or central “home,” as opposed to a get-away vehicle. As such, people want and deserve all the luxuries of home! RV’s have become “smart,” with lighting, security, eco-consciousness and other Tech options.

My knowledge in both the IT industry and the RV industry makes me uniquely qualified to repair and upgrade your home.

I can’t wait to work with you!


Willie Seymore

Willie found his love for cars at the age of 10. He would sit in awe, fascinated watching his dad work on a 57' Chevy Bellaire. Seeing his dad’s sense of accomplishment and satisfaction after all his hard work, spoke to Willie's heart. Willie would often spend time working with his father. More & more Willie would wait to hand his father tools. He would feel proud when he could predict what tool his father would ask for next. 

After learning with and from his father, Willie spent his high school years involved with auto shop. Then after high school, he enrolled in DADC Technical college. Surprising no one, he excelled in strengthening his knowledge, sharpening his skillset and reveling in finding his passion. While earning his Bachelor of Applied Science Degree, he was awarded Student of the Year for Colorado. Working with anything with wheels or motors was his childhood pastime and now his adult passion. Willie has worked in the automobile and diesel repair industry for over 35-years. Willie started his career as a Warehouse Manager for Good Year Tire Company. Recognizing that he had the desire to learn more about the vast arena of repair he is now known as the “Auto and Diesel Whisperer.” Willie is the epitome of what a career looks like when hard work, dedication and passion collide. 

Willie's love for all things mechanical and motorized came second to his love for family and friends. He finds so much joy in being able to use his passion to help others. Willie is one of the most kind and generous men around. His reasons for working with RV's comes from his long-standing friendship with Keith Milligan, their love of fixing things and his desire to help other families have fun, memorable and safe times together. Willie feels he has been so blessed in his life that he wants to use his passion to bless others.

rv service company

Mobile RV Service

Before you decide to buy an RV, it is crucial to seek the advice of a reputable, certified inspector. This can help you avoid the costly mistake of purchasing a problematic vehicle. Our NRVIA certified inspection team offers a cost-effective solution by providing a thorough examination by a duo of experts, as two sets of eyes are always better than one. We firmly believe in conducting business with honesty, respect and integrity, and we carry these values with us on and off the road as RVers.

Image by Tekton


Tony Wilkinson

I had a great experience with the mobile RV service. The team was prompt, professional and provided excellent service. They went above and beyond to ensure that my RV was in top working condition and took the time to explain any issues and how to prevent them in the future. The service was also very affordable. I would highly recommend this mobile RV service to anyone looking for quality and convenience.

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